About Micheline

I am a powerful, courageous, curious, compassionate adventurer who can now see the pioneer, pilgrim and revolutionary that I am. I have constantly been on the edge of new possibilities and new growth, stretching and striving for creating something beyond what I have been told or taught to believe.

I am passionate about searching and shining light where there was once only darkness and clearing away what no longer serves.

I love simplicity and I am always finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. I am committed to the moment to moment practice of bringing my full authentic presence to each relationship I encounter.

Some of my greatest teachers are my children and the people who have “hurt” me the most. As I continue to explore this incredible, beautiful, miraculous filled world, many other teachers have crossed my path. Just as they reached out to me and supported my expansion, I now reach out to you and offer you the support for yours.

If you feel the resonance of who I am, reach out, take the first step. I extend my hand to you.


Profesional Bio

Micheline Green, M.Ed, an Integral Master Coach™ and a Certified School Counselor is the creator and founder of Mothers Rising Together™. Micheline’s mission is to effect change in the current paradigm of raising and teaching children, so the children of today have the essential life skills and capacities to consciously create a brighter future and adapt to the increasing complexities of our world.

Micheline’s extensive knowledge stems from 20 years of experience working with families and schools; (Waldorf, Montessori, Self Design home learners, child protection, at risk youth, private, charter and public schools),  fostering healthy, sustainable, brain smart collaborative relationships between child and parent, child and teacher and parents and school.  She hosts,  teaches and coaches online courses and events with clients from around the world.

As a Mother of three, and through her own life’s journey she has passionately pursued the question, “how do individuals and organizations create sustainable change?”  She embodies all that she has learned about the transformational process and adeptly applies it to the parenting and teaching paradigm. She is a powerful and graceful leader and a masterful public speaker that moves, inspires and impacts audiences.

Before working with Micheline, I was frustrated and overwhelmed in a life that wasn’t serving me. My job and relationship were stressful and unfulfilling, and I didn’t know why. I was very unhappy and had no idea how to change my situation. After working with Micheline, I felt empowered to make changes. Micheline gave me the tools I needed to discover my false beliefs and unhealthy patterns of behavior. With the skills she taught me, I am now able to recognize and deal with them in very affirming ways. Micheline’s calming and grounding energy made me feel very comfortable and safe. She is an ultimate professional with a warm and generous heart. The work we did together was transformative. I am truly grateful for my experience working with her! Christa T.

English Instructor/Professional Tutor from Seattle, WA

When I sought out Micheline for private coaching, I thought I was broken in some way. She was warm, peaceful, loving, and funny. She was the kind of person I could trust to listen to the thoughts in my mind and heart, without judgment. I didn’t know why I was so unhappy with my life when I had so many things that made up a good life. Working with Micheline wasn’t about putting a Band-aid on my problems. She worked with me on every level of my being and I recognized that the changes I was enacting were having an affect on all of my relationships. So I guess you could say that she helped me inside and out! I am feeling more joy in my life. I am steadier and more composed, like a strong tree with deep roots, rather than that desperate raft tossing in a turbulent sea. I am a much happier  me! Willa F.

Teacher from Phoenix, AZ