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Micheline Green, M.Ed


Micheline provides powerful, fun, inspiring presentations for Parents and Teachers and Women. She is a Certified School Counselor and an Integral Master Coach™, dedicated to supporting Mothers, Teachers and Women in creating the change they want for themselves, their children and the future we all desire!
As an international athlete, having competed at two Rugby World Cups she understands the power of working together toward a vision despite the odds in front of you.  She honors each person for exactly where they are and inspires and encourages them to grow themselves beyond what they think they know and into what is possible.
She will touch your audience in a deep way,  to access their own desire and dedication to begin to BE the change!  She is the creator and host of A Mother’s Time Out Global Gathering, an international virtual summit with over 15 Parent Educators from around the world. She is the Founder of Mothers Rising Together and The Essence of a Teacher and Creator of Women’s Rising Retreats! She has been an integral part of a pioneering Waldorf school community, has home-schooled her own children, has supported her daughter to be a Global Student and continues to offer her services as a School Counselor Consultant in the Montessori school movement.  She is a Mother of three teenagers,  her greatest teachers that continue to support her expansion.
Reach out for further information and to discuss how Micheline may support your needs.
Explore Some of Micheline’s Speaking Topics

Raising Calm, Confident, and Content Kids with Three Simple Practices

Learn three simple practice that offer you access to more confidence, more deliberate decision making, more connection with your children and a deeper sense of ease and grace through these turbulent times of life. Simple daily practices that any busy MOM can fit into her daily life that has profound affects in all your relationships.

Respond Rather than React; Becoming a More Conscious, Composed and Connected Mother

  • You will learn the four brain smart principles that govern why you react as you do.
  • You will learn the number one key to create any and all change.
  • You will learn why you as a Mom have to understand your own brain habits and how to create new ones before we can discipline our children.

This presentation will  guide you through a journey of brain development; through the exploration of your own self disciplining patterns and offer you the skills to learn that  are necessary for you to teach your children to have self control and self discipline for the rest of their lives.


Creating Calm for your Kids-From Anxiety and Overwhelm to Simple and Serene

Exploring why having less, doing less, and owning less is the gateway to Being more! Simplify four areas of your family life to decrease stress and anxiety for yourself and your children and increases calm and connection for the whole family.

I feel like this has created so much growth in our faculty, to create more openness and begin to make some clear changes. I have a greater level of comfortability with my colleagues and I am inspired to continue to practice!”

Christy C.

Director of Elementary

This was a great inservice to begin to learn more about my co-workers in a deeper way, actually to be present to everyone in a deeper way.

Laura A.


Micheline was a very effective and heart warming presenter, I feel much more love and compassion for my co-workers and wish we had time to do more!

Amy R.


Micheline presented very well. She was really open to hear from everyone, to listen to thoughts and opinions and she gave feedback with warmth and without any judgement.

Amy D.

Teacher Assistant

I loved it! Micheline taught us the power of vulnerability and I became comfortable sharing deeply with another. I wish we had time for more!

Patty L.

Resource Teacher