Are you as a Teacher struggling with balancing your home
and work life?

Is overwhelm a common feeling in the face of the many balls you are attempting to juggle?

Do challenging behaviors of children and/or parents
diminish your joy and love of teaching?

Are you looking for ways to support you that would help you develop greater composure, resiliency and assertiveness?

Micheline Green, M.Ed is dedicated to offering Teachers a conscious and connected way of being. She provides presentations, workshops, group support, retreats and Coaching to large or small groups of Teachers.  For the past 20 years, she has been working with schools and families to get at the root causes and creating the sustainable change to the concerns presented above.

Micheline’s passion is to develop the inner guide of the Teacher, by training both the consciousness and competency of new mind sets and skill sets that serve as the foundation for change. Teachers learn how to balance their form and freedom, strengthen their effective “response”-ability, and expand their innate social and emotional intelligence.

As you move through their own inner journey of change, you are better able to observe, guide and mentor the child through theirs. When the Essence of the Teacher teaches to the Essence of the child; joy, self respect and deeper levels of connection spontaneously flourishes.

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“Micheline has led effective, school-wide professional development presentations as well as group coaching/support with skill and grace, and she imparts practical wisdom to our parents on a number of topics. I am in awe of her…she relates so positively to people, without judgment or criticism. She creates a safe environment for children and adults alike to share their fears and vulnerabilities, and she offers a wider perspective on the values we most want to instill throughout our community.She is nothing short of amazing.”

Margo O’Neill

Head of School , Villa Montessori: 2014 Arizona Charter School of the Year

“The Retreat Micheline offered our staff and teachers was peaceful, enlightening and very insightful. It was a beautiful time together to learn more deeply about ourselves in order to be in greater service to the children!  We have already had Micheline back to offer our community a  Conscious and Connected  Parenting presentation and to work more closely with our Teachers on some specific challenges in the classrooms. Very supportive, helpful, engaging and look forward to more.”

Cindy Maschoff

Head of School , Keystone Montessori

“What I love about Micheline’s unique giftedness is her alchemy for synthesizing many transformational tools into a fresh, dynamic, inspirational practical presentation that leaves you feeling empowered and eager to show up every day to evoke and serve each child’s highest purpose and potential.”
Mary Orlando

Early Childhood Director, Villa Montessori School

“Incredible! What Micheline offers is a must for all Parents and Teachers!”


Torie B.

Kindergarten Teacher, Keystone Montessori school

“Micheline is a very effective and heart warming presenter, I feel much more love and compassion for my co-workers and wish we had time to do more. She is an amazing support!”

Amy R.

Elementary Teacher

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