Why Now?

Life is shifting in so many ways. All around us is evidence that institutions are breaking down; financial, educational, medical, political, homes and families to name a few. When we see the structures of our lives, as we have known them, break down, it can cause much confusion, fear and resistance.

When you are confronted with change, that is out of your control, it is normal and natural inclination to want to cling to what you know and what is familiar to you. However, there is an alternative to clinging on to broken structures that no longer serve to support you.

And I believe there is a part of you are wanting to explore this too…

It is an amazing time to be alive! It is a rich creative, vibrant time of change!

There is a deep impulse awakening in many of us. All around the world people are gathering to discuss what this new future, filled with potentials and possibilities, is offering us.

I attended the 2012 Awakened World Conference in Rome and Florence, 250 spiritual activists from around of the world, representing every major religion, came together to dialogue the profound and radical shifts that many are experiencing all around the world.

It was agreed that nothing is more important than

coming home to You. To your fully expressed Self!

The Universal Oneness in us all. 

Maintaining the status quo no longer serves you. And deep down you know that sitting back and complaining or blaming does not serve anyone. Something important wants to be expressed through you. You sense the potentials and possibilities of your life and you are ready to claim it!

You are needed!

Your fullest expression of yourself is what will serve the shift toward a future that benefits all of us, not just some of us. A world where mutuality and reciprocity creates abundance for all.

Because ultimately we are all Connected.
One planet, one system, one expression.


Jack Canfield, Founder of Transformational Leadership Council and best selling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series.
Ela Ghandi, granddaughter of Mahatma Ghandi and tireless advocate for youth, anti poverty and responsible media.
Prior to my work with Micheline Green, I found myself in what could be only labeled as a funk. I was working in a job that had become mundane and lacked inspiration. I was caught in a pattern that kept me stuck. Now that I have completed my work with Micheline Green, I can see some very significant changes that have occurred in me. Confidence, decisiveness, less anxiety and more present for my wife and kids to name a few! Working with Micheline was life transforming! I feel more alive and ready to step out into new adventures. Doug D.

Teacher/School Administrator from Boston, MA